Risk management

Our goal is to support every aspect of our client’s businesses.

We will help you understand the risks faced by your business, including:

  • The usual causes of insurance claims for businesses like yours
  • How to reduce the chance a claim will occur
  • How to minimise the overall cost if you do need to make an insurance claim
  • How to avoid claims recurring

A pro-active approach to risk management will protect your business by reducing the number of claims made against your insurance policies.

Risk Management
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Vehicle risk management for the removals & storage industry

With over fifty years servicing the removals and storage industry, our expert advisors will provide you with specialist risk management advice. We can also arrange for our partner insurers to provide specialist surveys and training.

We will discuss the common causes of motor insurance claims in the removals and storage industry, so you know what to expect.

Our in-house claims team work closely with our insurance advisors to identify claims patterns, with risk management advice being provided to you ad hoc. We can also provide benchmarking to show how your claims experience compares with usual industry standards.

Our advice commonly identifies:

  • Problematic drivers and/or vehicles
  • Where drivers require more training on certain manoeuvres (e.g. use of a banksman)
  • Whether it could be beneficial for cameras to be installed

Our insurers can also provide:

  • On-site risk management assessments
  • Online driver awareness training courses (useful when recruiting new drivers)
  • Access to discounted prices for vehicle cameras and on-site driver training

Customers’ goods risk management

Our in-house claims team, RCS, has managed customers’ goods claims for decades, and we maintain an extensive database containing a wealth of data. Our team understand the nature of commonly occurring claims. They are fully equipped to advise your business on how to avoid them.

Removals & storage
For the removals and storage industry, our customers’ goods risk management process regularly identifies areas of improvement to reduce future claims, including, for example:

  • Where additional handling training is required for crews or individual porters
  • Suggestions for improvements to the packing process
  • Vehicle/container loading improvements
  • Where local receiving agent may be mishandling shipped goods

Self storage
We provide insurance cover to over 45% of self storage facilities in the United Kingdom, so we are uniquely placed to provide specialist self storage risk management advice to the industry.

The services provided within the self storage industry differ between businesses, with varying degrees of physical handling/transportation of customers’ goods. Our risk management advice will be bespoke according to the specific nature of your business.

We routinely provide information to our clients to identify problematic/claim causing areas in their facilities. Our risk management support includes benchmarking analysis to compare your claims experience with usual industry standards.

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Removals and Storage
Removals and Storage

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Self Storage
Self Storage

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Commercial Property
Commercial Property

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