The company, now writing the insurances of a third of the removals market in the UK, grows considerably.  Peter Doman joins the Board of Directors followed quickly by Ria Houston.  Adam Kellaway leaves to gain City of London experience and achieves a first class honours degree in insurance and his ACII. Sue Thorn joins as Financial Controller in 2012 to replace Christopher Fry. Amy King joins the company in 2014 and quickly establishes herself in the business becoming Claims Manager in 2016.  In 2016 Adam re-joins the company as Technical Director for the impending purchase of Wildman Brothers Limited by Wildman, Doman and Houston Limited. In 2017, the purchase is led by Greg Wildman and joining Greg on the Board of Directors is Peter Doman, Ria Houston, Sue Thorn (Finance Director) and Adam Kellaway.  Amy King is promoted to the Board of Directors in 2019.  Analysis of the Self Storage industry is undertaken which results in Basil Fry broking the insurances for more than 40% of the self storage centres in the UK.  The company starts to take a deeper interest in the property market and subsequently employs Jackie Pullen in January 2020.